Welcome to faberClub.

Inspired by the conflicted English professor from Ray Bradbury’s 1950s classic Fahrenheit 451, faberClub is meant to generate thoughts and discussions that place various doings of the modern world under a literary lens and encourage readers to cultivate their intellect.

From fiction to nonfiction, book to podcast, our mission is to start discussions that validate and challenge longstanding literary themes while celebrating man’s unique (but threatened) ability to keep an open mind. faberClub tends to gravitate towards subjects of science, technology and government in relation to sociology. We believe these fields are going through incredible and even phenomenal transformations right now, and we hope you’ll consider bringing these discussions into your personal circles and/or classrooms.

Let’s use technology to re-spark the human experience and reclaim what being social really means.



17 March 2019: New posts will be up every other Sunday (as opposed to every Sunday) due to additional writing projects.

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